Kinnerton Capital Commits to Impact Investing Opportunities in Taiwan

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2020 / Family offices around the world are making new, impactful investments with a socially responsible focus. The trend of impact investing has given rise to a new indicator of extra-financial wealth – social return on investment. On average, family offices allocated 17% of assets under management to impact investing in 2020. London’s Kinnerton Capital is taking impactful investment to the next level by pursuing sustainable construction in Taiwan and launching funding for various film production projects.

Advisors at Kinnerton are preparing investment strategies that appeal to the next generation of wealth with yields that come to fruition in the future. As most families statistically lose wealth by the second or third generations, the bold investment move is both an adaptable and a practical one. Managing Director, Martin Bernard describes the balance between purpose and performance.

“Our mission in Kinnerton Capital is to help families connect purpose to performance. Therefore, to finance this project was to provide exactly that to one of our clients who has sustainability as one of his main values,” says Bernard.

While traditional investors and asset managers are under major constraints and only invest in staple or risk-averse opportunities, family offices have proven to be more flexible and agile investment contenders. Sustainable investment is uniquely positioned to become the golden opportunity that drives profitable outcomes for investors and communities in developing countries.

Taiwan’s sustainable construction projects have generated increasing interest, promising substantial returns for companies and private entities willing to invest. The country’s wind turbine projects are growing by the day, as the government has been on a three-year transition plan to transform energy sources through sustainable, renewable alternatives. Construction will begin offshore as major global electricity and construction companies have joined forces to create over 8MW of power for villages and rural communities.

The advent of socially responsible investment trends is a positive reflection of generational change. Family offices like Kinnerton are in-tune with the latest investment developments and are keen on reflecting the values of newer generations in renewable energy and media production. Family offices are perhaps one of the only market players that can still make a significant difference where the world needs it the most.


Company: Kinnerton Capital
Contact Person: Martin Bernard

SOURCE: Kinnerton Capital

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