Power Couple Dominic Osei And Lesley Osei Are Teaching People To Get Debt Free

STAMFORD, CT / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2020 / Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push into the right direction. The secret behind successful mentorship is to help others in becoming the finest version of themselves. An epitome of such mentorship is Dominic Osei and Lesley Osei, who have an immense potential to transform men and women entirely.

Dominic Osei, is a head pastor of a rapidly growing Church called Kingdom Full Tabernacle Int; he and his wife have been able to provide food and clothes to the underprivileged children and Geriatric patients residing in shelters and psych wards internationally. Graduated from Fordham University in Business Administration, Dominic has established a great rapport and good working relations with leading corporations like Union Bank of Switzerland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Morgan Stanley and Company and the list is endless.

Lucky is the man to have an enduring partner to support at every step of his life. Lesley B. Osei, Dominic’s wife, married to him for five years now with four kids, has been a constant hand to him in bringing success to their consulting company together. A master’s degree in psychology gives an edge to Lesley to counsel the married couples to become financially stable without any debts. In 2017, she initiated her mentorship program, named ‘Ark of Women’, aimed at empowering women.

Lesley B. Osei has got a decade of experience in research, including reoperations following Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy, which has gained popularity after getting appeared in the American Urological Association and journal of Urology. She has worked in leading healthcare positions systems in Western New York. Lesley co Pastors the church with Dominic and also co chair the charity.

The couple utilizes their education to train people about various ways to pay down debt, from student loans to Mortgages through the word and principles of God. They are a debt-free couple as of 2019 and want to share their knowledge with the world on how to become debt-free through their flagship course program, ‘Thou Shall Not Borrow’. Till date, they have helped over a 1000 people get debt-free. Their teaching is based on effective strategies to be followed as a routine, which includes sacrificial living, evaluating bills, setting attainable goals, and establishing online businesses with meticulous planning and effort all through Godly principles.

About: Osei Ministries (Thou Shall Not Borrow) is trending to be one of the leading Christian based foundations to lead hundreds of thousands of people out of debt with literature from the bible, practical and tactical ways to get out of debt and stay out of debt. During this time of two different pandemics (Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter), more than ever a desire to be financially free and independent has skyrocketed.

Contact Information:

Name: Dominic & Lesley Osei
Name of the business: Thou Shall Not Borrow
Business email: info@kftchurch.com
Company phone number: Dominic Osei – 475-619-5784
Website: www.kftchurch.com
Instagram Dominic Osei : https://www.instagram.com/domosei/?igshid=1ss0jl7ctoik4
Instagram Lesley Osei: https://www.instagram.com/parislesley/
Country: USA, Stamford, Ct

SOURCE: The Inception Media

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