OnAsset Intelligence Inc. Partners with CarePod to Improve Pet Air Travel

Leveraging Technology to Keep Pet Owners Connected to Their Pets During Air Travel

IRVING, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2019 / CarePod has developed a new, best-in-class standard for pet air travel and is partnering with OnAsset Intelligence to allow airlines the ability to digitally stay connected to pets throughout the journey. Pet owners will be able to receive their pets’ travel updates and know where their pets are during the travel process. As the first of its kind, CarePod delivers an innovative pet travel solution that can be readily adapted into existing airline operations.

“Our innovative use of technology and breakthrough engineering solutions are matched by our passion for pet safety and well-being,” said Jenny Pan, CEO and founder of CarePod. “Our goal is to transform the future of pet travel and by partnering with OnAsset, we can deliver a robust solution for tracking pet air travel.”

CarePod’s smart pet pods are German engineered and designed for pet safety and comfort. The smart pet pods have been developed to withstand the demanding conditions of air travel. Harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and tracking, the CarePod smart pet pods are embedded with OnAsset devices to connect to the enterprise CarePod Pet Aviation Web Solution (PAWS).

Through the CarePod PAWS platform, airlines can gain visibility on all smart pod travel movements, allowing them to monitor and supervise the entire pet travel process. The CarePod PAWS platform can also connect pet owners to their pet’s travel journey and notify owners of their pet’s travel updates.

“I am proud that OnAsset’s products can be used by CarePod to deliver a comprehensive, first class pet travel solution,” said Adam Crossno, OnAsset Intelligence CEO. “Pets are family and we’ve worked closely with the CarePod team to help ensure the reliability of our devices.”

Today’s announcement follows CarePod’s recent entry with Delta Air Lines in the U.S. market, with domestic services for premium pet travel available at 8 locations within the United States.

For more information, please visit www.care-pod.com and www.onasset.com.

About OnAsset Intelligence Inc.:

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, OnAsset Intelligence is the global leader in airborne asset tracking services. OnAsset manufactures wireless devices that monitor all modes of transport including land, sea and air. Products and services include SENTRY and Sentinel wireless hardware, the Vision and OAInsight Monitoring Platforms, and enterprise API. Its flagship product, SENTRY FlightSafe®, is approved by commercial and cargo operators across the globe. For more information visit www.onasset.com.

About CarePod:

A global tech company headquartered in Singapore, CarePod is transforming pet air travel. CarePod’s advanced engineering and smart technology solution provide first-class safety and care for pets like never before, enabling airlines to meet the needs of today’s travelers and their pets. CarePod believes pets are at the core of modern families who want to live, work and travel together. Visit www.care-pod.com for more information and to subscribe to CarePod’s pet air travel updates.



SOURCE: OnAsset Intelligence

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