NBA Sports trainer Ju Hearn is setting “Short & Long term goals” for clients like Atlanta Hawks’ Evan Turner

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / December 10, 2019 / In a groundbreaking decision, a few months ago, the Atlanta Hawks had traded in Evan Turner for Kent Bazemore as “one of their veteran guards“. While there was a lot of doubt in the minds of the fans as Turner had traditionally played as a point forward, but the decision “should” reaped gold for the Hawks in their current season. 30-year-old Turner is trying to diversify his game, and he gives credit for such diversification to one man, Dr. Ju Hearn.

Born in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, Julius Hearn was a basketball player himself. He played for his high school and went to Howard University, Washington DC on scholarship. As a freshman, Ju played point guard, but just as his career was taking off, he got injured tearing right meniscus, which called for surgery. It ended his budding career and dream of playing professional basketball, but he did not give up. He became a JUCO player at Pratt Community College and earned a University of Texas-Pan America scholarship.

After graduating in Kinesiology with an excellent GPA, Dr. Hearn got several degrees in physical therapy, nutrition, business and, oriental medicine. Losing his career to the lack of proper knowledge, he was determined not to let that happen to others. He started his venture – Recharge Athletics, where he uses his extensive knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to create an optimal physical plan for professional players. But the short-term goal of getting more wins is not the only thing he focuses on. His program also helps his clients to work on long-term improvement of fitness, minimizing injury and pain to prolong their career.

With the help of Dr. Hearn, Evan Turner is hoping to improve and diversify his game, so that he can be ready to help “his team at any position“. It also increases his value as a “high IQ basketball player“, making him an asset to the team. But above all, he is looking forward to his short-term goal of bringing more wins this season and keeping up with his “basketball conditioning” without building unrealistic stress on the body. “I appreciate Ju’s attention to detail and passion that he brings to his training. Everything is well thought out and you can tell he truly enjoys trying to get people better. He’s a student of his craft and has a multitude of ways to get you better in the off season,” said Evan Turner.

Dr. Hearn’s programs reveal how taking care of your body not only helps cope with stress, and fight illnesses; but also prepares for a strong mental and emotional well being.

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