ZapGo’s Ultrafast Charging, Carbon-Ion Technology Platform Featured in Prestigious Press

Articles Highlight Company’s Power Solution for Electric Vehicles, Smartphones and Grid Energy Storage

OXFORD, England & CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZapGo Ltd has been featured in numerous published articles spotlighting its proprietary Carbon-Ion™ (C-Ion®) platform technology, which offers a potential ultrafast charging option for electric vehicles (EVs) and smartphones as well as a new option for grid energy storage.

A cover article in the esteemed journal The Engineer, “Staying in charge: super- and ultracapacitors and hybrid energy storage,” notes how the company is positioning its technology as an ultrafast charging energy storage solution, summarizes the unique properties of C-Ion and describes how it could shorten the time required to recharge EVs.

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An article in WIRED, “The explosive race to totally reinvent the smartphone battery,” places ZapGo’s technology in the context of the ongoing search to improve on the properties of existing lithium-ion cells. Among its other benefits, C-Ion is highlighted for its ability to charge as quickly as a supercapacitor but also hold its charge for as long as lithium-ion cells can.

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An article in Charged: Electric Vehicles Magazine, “Charge like a supercap, store like a battery: ZapGo’s Carbon-Ion technology,” focuses on C-Ion’s ability to combine the power density of supercapacitors and the energy density of batteries, describes a wide range of current and anticipated technical advances, and notes its cost could be comparable or less than lithium-ion.

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An article in Power Technology, “The evolution of EVs: liquid batteries could lead to super-fast charging,” notes that while installing new grid infrastructure at EV charging stations that can handle fast charging rates is costly, banks of C-Ion cells could be used to buffer the grid with very-high-rate DC chargers connected to the C-Ion banks at 350kW, 450kW or even 1,000kW.

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An article in CleanTechnica, “Zap&Go’s Carbon-Ion Battery Delivers Ultra-Fast Charging & Zero Degradation,” spotlights a series of C-Ion’s advantages over lithium-ion, such as its ultrafast charging capability, its lack of rare earth metals or toxic chemicals, its 30-year life expectancy, and that it can be made in the same factories and production lines as lithium-ion.

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An article in Electronic Design, “Microgrid as a Service: Powering Electric Autonomous Vehicles in Tomorrow’s Smart Cities,” published as part of its Smart Cities Bootcamp, describes how C-Ion could be used as a new energy transfer option to advance mass transit, specifically by powering autonomous “PODs” that could reduce traffic and pollution in congested inner cities.

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The articles and video at the links above are provided for informational purposes only. ZapGo Ltd is not responsible for the content of the linked articles and video.

About ZapGo Ltd

ZapGo Ltd is a technology company based at the Harwell Research Campus, Oxford with a Charlotte, NC US Office. Using novel nano-carbon materials and ionic electrolytes they produce an ultra-fast, safe, recyclable charging power module that charges in minutes. ZapGo was selected as the winner of the IDTechEx award for “Electric Vehicles: Most Significant Innovation” at the 2019 IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany in recognition of its grid storage solution for EVs involving C-Ion technology. For more information, please visit



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