Navajo Nation Farm Board’s Legalized Hemp Program Proceeds

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2019 / One World Ventures Inc. (OWVI) is in a great position to move forward as the 2019 hemp growing season approaches. While the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) formulates their Regulations for federally regulated hemp production in the USA, the Navajo Nation San Juan River Farm Board (the “Board”) is keeping in compliance with its current Rules. The USDA also confirmed that any Rules they release for the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of industrial hemp will not be implemented until the 2020 growing season.

“As a large investor in the development of the Navajo Nation Cannabis Campus, our subsidiary Aqueous Sciences and our partner Native America Agricultural Company are gaining strides in the industrial hemp industry, as well as inspiring positive change in this large, native community,” Stated DaMu Lin, CEO, OWVI. “Health and safety of consumers is the number one concern for us and we assure that all compliance and monitoring obligations are being met.”

The new 2018 Farm Bill which includes Tribal Nations and requires them to have Regulations in place that include procedures for information collection, land use, testing, effective disposal of plants & products and compliance with law enforcement, annual inspections and submission of data to the USDA. The Board has already prepared and included this information into all their updated Regulations, Applications, and Forms required to join the Navajo Nation Cannabis Campus and to register for a license. The American Indian Agricultural Regulatory Agency (AIARA) will be regulating and monitoring the Regulations for the Navajo Nation empowered by the Board.

“As a Sovereign Tribal Nation, we are self-governed, but have modeled our Rules after the proposed criteria set out in the 2018 Farm Bill which for the first time includes Tribal Nations,” Said Dineh Benally, President of the Board. “We are in support of these Rules and have already submitted our Hemp Regulations to the USDA for approval to retain our primary regulatory authority over hemp and cannabis production on our native lands.”

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