Liveyon's Live 'Pure-Cast' Podcast Series Sheds Light on Miseducation in Stem Cell Industry

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YORBA LINDA, Calif., March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Industry leader Liveyon, LCC is taking on the most controversial topics in regenerative medicine with a new, live video podcast ‘Liveyon Pure-Cast,’ designed to spotlight the developing stem cell industry with an in-depth look at common misconceptions, scientific breakthroughs and advancements, and popular issues and concerns. A pioneer in the stem cell industry and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed Liveyon Pure© regenerative therapy umbilical cord stem cell product line, Liveyon sets itself apart within the highly competitive industry with its strong commitment to safety, education, and innovation.


To combat current misconceptions surrounding the field and solve the fact that most people cannot successfully discern between fact and fiction related to regenerative medicine and the use of stem cells, Liveyon launched ‘Liveyon Pure Cast,’ a video podcast dedicated to bringing to light the truth about this emerging field and connecting doctors, researchers, patients, and the general public directly with well-respected industry leaders. Still an experimental industry, regenerative medicine has been flooded by ‘entrepreneurs’ riding the newest profit trend who are not focused on safety, research, or results; as shown by the increase in malpractice and fraud cases related to stem cell products and therapies. Without strict FDA regulation, the industry is in ‘self-policing’ mode, leaving doctors and patients with the difficult task of discerning between high-quality, effective products and services in the market and those that are either unsafe or ineffective.

The ‘Liveyon Pure-Cast‘ provides a complimentary resource for clients of the company’s new product line. On March Liveyon debuted Liveyon PURE® trial grade stem cell concentrate derived from umbilical cord blood. Used by physicians treating patients suffering from orthopedic pain and injuries, the stem cells found in the Liveyon PURE Product® may help regenerate bone, muscle, and cartilage and release a host of reparative growth factors and proteins. The innovative product is manufactured at Liveyon Labs, the company’s own FDA-registered and cGMP compliant facility and sets a new industry standard for characterization and consistency in live total nucleated cell counts, viability, purity and safety.

With its cutting edge live video streaming podcast format, available to view seamlessly on the Liveyon Pure-Cast YouTube channel; the podcast provides a comprehensive look at the most controversial and most popular issues in regenerative medicine, including misconceptions, popular false claims, and concerns about lack of transparency in the industry. One of the show’s most important goals is to connect new research and educational resources to industry leaders, including health care providers and patients looking for truthful and up-to-date information about the industry.

The exclusive video series streams live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and features John Kosolcharoen, founder and chief executive officer of Liveyon and Dr. Alan Gaveck, director of education, Liveyon. Dr. Gaveck brings 13 years of experience in both clinical and surgical medical treatments and the two hosts’ intellectual chemistry enhances the show’s format, as they tackle groundbreaking topics and introduce experts in the field of regenerative medicine, including leading researchers and physicians.

“The ‘Liveyon Pure Cast’ provides an important new tool for patients, physicians, and the general public to navigate this complex and ever-changing industry,” said John Kosolcharoen, chief executive officer of Liveyon. “The connection, between the real facts, newest research, and groundbreaking scientific results; and both industry leaders and the general public; has been missing in the field of regenerative medicine until now, causing the growth of misleading rumors and information to thrive.”

Previous ‘Liveyon Pure Cast’ series guests have included Dr. Rafael Gonzalez and Margaret Coutts, Ph.D., tackling the misconception that umbilical cord products don’t actually include live cells; Los Angeles’ top dermatologist, Dr. Ben Behnam MD, FAAD, who shared stem cell hair restoration success stories and identified the best candidates for hair regrowth; and Liveyon’s President of Sales, Joe Case, who provided information on Liveyon’s patient acquisition program for stem cell and regenerative medicine clinics and physicians.

“On the ‘Liveyon Pure Cast’ podcast we go in depth on every aspect of the field of regenerative medicine, providing important information to our current and future Liveyon PURE® customers and sharing facts the medical community and the general public need to make an informed decision on this important new field, which is about to change everything about how we look at healing,” said Kosolcharoen.

Founded in 2016, Liveyon is pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine with its innovative take on product research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and commitment to safety and transparency. Liveyon and Liveyon Labs Inc. are committed to achieving unparalleled stem cell potency through high live nucleated cell counts, while following validation protocols that produce an extremely consistent product for the most efficacious outcomes. The company’s dynamic ability to adapt to changing market trends and execute on opportunities has fortified its exponential growth and the company is poised to continue making a huge impact in the industry 2019.

“We welcome you to share this journey with us,” said Dr. Alan Gaveck, co-host, Liveyon Pure Cast. “The future of this dynamic new industry is here and the results Liveyon and other industry leaders in the regenerative medicine field are already achieving are going to change our world for the better. Each week, we are creating compelling educational and uniquely entertaining live stream broadcasts and delivering ‘in the now’ insight into cellular science and a regenerative medicine lifestyle.”

To stay up-to-date on the regenerative medicine industry and receive notices of free upcoming live streaming video events, please subscribe to ‘Liveyon Pure-Cast.’

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Liveyon presents the newest complimentary media resource to accompany their highly acclaimed regenerative therapy umbilical cord stem cell product line, Liveyon Pure®.

Join hosts, Liveyon CEO John Kosolcharoen and Director of Education Dr. Alan Gaveck, for this exclusive live podcast series, broadcast streaming live on the Liveyon Pure Cast podcast channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Only on YouTube. Subscribe today.

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